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How our allergy spray combats dust mites:

The allergy spray contains active probiotics. These are beneficial bacteria that naturally and effectively break down allergy triggers (such as allergens from house dust mites, pollen and pet dander), promoting a harmonious and healthy microflora.

how to use our allergy spray:

Allergy free home in 1, 2, 3...

  • 1. Spray your textiles for 2 seconds, daily

  • 2. probiotics attack allergens and strengthen home's microbiome

  • 3. noticeable results within days

a spray you can reuse, over and over

  • fill your spray bottle with tap water

  • drop in probiotic pearl

  • watch it fizz to life!

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Other tips to combat dust mites:

✓ Ensure good ventilation throughout your home

✓ Dry laundry outdoors or in a tumble dryer

✓ Regularly clean your surfaces with a damp cloth

✓ Vacuum carpets weekly

✓ Switch to allergen-proof bedding

✓ Wash bed linen at 60+ degrees