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Full Home Bundle

Full Home Bundle

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Restore your home's natural balance using our full range of probiotic cleaning products, for a more effective, longer lasting clean.


    + What you'll receive:

    • 3 refillable spray bottles (for the Multi-Purpose, Bathroom and Glass Cleaners.) 
    • 2 pearls per bottle! (1 pearl = 2-3 months of probiotic cleaning.) 
    • 100g Floor Cleaner (good for 25 buckets)
    • 30 Toilet Bombs
    • 32 Laundry Sheets (scent: cherry blossom)
    • 30 Dishwasher Tablets
    • 1 glass Hand Soap bottle + 3 tablets (in 3 unique scents)

    + Ingredients

    Our products are made with 5 strains of probiotics from the Belgian Ardennes. All of our ingredients are 100% vegan.

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    Thanks to smaller and lighter packaging.


    Without harmful chemicals for a cleaner planet. Safe for kids, pregnant mothers, and pets. Plus, you’ll be less prone to sniffles and sneezes.


    Our probiotics delve deep into your microfibers, nooks and crannies. Not just the moment you clean, but for up to 7 days.

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    • Delivered in 3-4 working days

    • Free shipping from € 45

    • Safe and easy online payment

    Lazy cleaners naturally have time to give feedback.

    Already more than 20,000 lazy cleaners cleaning cleaner:


    What's inside?

    Packed with probiotic goodness.

    • 2 x Multi-Purpose Cleaner

      There’s nothing this spray can’t clean. Powerful against dirt and dust, you can use it on all surfaces.

    • 2 x Bathroom Cleaner

      Limescale, say hello to our little friends. Delivers a powerful clean around the whole bathroom - tub, tile and shower. 

    • 2 x Glass Cleaner

      Made for streak and smudge free glass, mirrors and windows.

    • 100g Floor Cleaner

      YOKUU’s ultra-powerful solution for streak free floors - fighting dust, discolouration and smells. 

    • 30 x Toilet Bombs

      Powerful against smells, tough on grime, and preventive against limescale build-up, cleaning your toilet has never been so easy.

    • 32 x Laundry Sheets

      Made for the simplest laundry, ever. Just throw a sheet in with any wash, no mater the clothing type, colour, or temperature.

    • Hand Soap Starter Kit - YOKUU

      1 x Hand Soap Starter Kit

      Your hands deserve the very best. Our hydrating and foamy formula gently cleanses while nourishing your kin microbiome.

    Time to level up your indoor-microbiome

    Give your home the clean it deserves.

    • Up to 7 days less dust

    • For a healthier home

    • No harmful chemicals, no single-use plastic

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 210 reviews
    Demy Zwaneveld
    Werkt goed!

    Werkt goed! Slechte geurtjes in huis zijn weg


    Na lang wachten door een technisch defect bij Bpost kon ik de producten uittesten en we zijn er helemaal weg van. Ze poetsen als geen ander. Ze hebben allemaal een aangename geur. We hebben veel minder flessen staan en hebben zo ook weer plaats in de berging. Wij zijn fan!

    Laura Miller
    Really lovely experience

    I ordered the full home bundle because I wanted to try everything.

    The dishwasher tablets were a powder and the toilet bombs never arrived so I wrote to let Yokuu know and I week later was sent (re)placements.

    Have tried a few of the items - all really good so far and I love the ethos and care! Recommend!

    The house FEELS cleaner! !

    It's quite an investment I made... but I love the products, I adore the handsoap, it really keeps my skin looking less like crocodile skin. I love the cleaning products, it takes a bit of getting used to, as it's different, but am very happy with the results... and it's true, where I used to be able to write my name in the dust on the surfaces the next day, it now takes a few days to be able to do that. I've given away all the toxic stuff to the local community centre and will stick to your products from now on. Well done, the team.

    Mildred van den Berg
    Heerlijke geur

    Ik ben prettig verrast door de producten. Het ruikt heerlijk en maakt goed schoon. De navullingen nemen weinig ruimte in en de wasblaadjes zijn goed te doseren voor een kleinere of minder vuile was.

    Huh?! Probiotics for cleaning?

    YOKUU’s products harness the power of billions of good bacteria.

    • Keeps cleaning for up to 7 days

    • For a healthy indoor microbiome

    • No harmful chemicals

    Pssstt... Here's the answers you're looking for

    Hey, I'm Joris - the founder of YOKUU!

    Whilst writing my bio-engineer thesis, I discovered that 99% of bacteria are healthy... So why are we so obsessed with killing them?  

    Here's a couple of our most frequently asked questions:

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    + How do I use the sprays?

    When you receive your starter kit just fill your bottles with tap water, drop in the pearls, and leave to dissolve for 5 minutes. Et voilà! You're ready to get started. 

    Use the bottles to spray and wipe for an efficient clean, or you can spray and leave to dry for deodorisation and prevention against dirt and dust buildup.  

    Want to see our sprays in action? Here's a handy video we made.

    + How do I use the floor cleaner?

    Just add a teaspoon of powder to a bucket of lukewarm water and you're ready to get started!

    + How do I use the toilet bomb?

    Drop a tablet in your toilet, leave it to dissolve for 20 minutes, then scrub thoroughly. Flush your toilet and you're done!

    Typically, there is no need to do anything else after using the toilet bomb. However, if you notice there is still some dirt remaining, you can use YOKUU's Bathroom Cleaner. Simply spray it under the rim of your toilet, let it sit for a short while, and then use a brush to remove it. This method works well against tough limescale.

    Want to see our toilet bombs in action? Here's a handy video we made.

    + How do I use the dishwasher tablets?

    Just add the tablet to your dishwasher detergent compartment like you would any other product.

    + Are YOKUU's bacteria safe?

    The bacteria in your probiotic cleaning pearl are 100% safe - so safe that they're technically edible (although we wouldn't recommend it!). No more worrying around your child, cat or dog. 

    + How long do the products keep?

    The unopened pearls will last for 2 years. Once diluted, the sprays will last for up to 2 years.

    Floor Cleaner will last for up to 1 year after opening.

    Dishwasher tablets will last for up to 2 years after opening. Close the bag tightly after use!

    + What if I'm not 100% satisfied?

    We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We're that sure you'll love our probiotic cleaners. 

    Looking for something else?

    Clean less, live more!