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Laundry Sheets

Laundry Sheets

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Made for the simplest laundry, ever.

Just throw a sheet in with any wash - no matter the clothing type, colour, or washing temperature.


+ What you'll receive:

  • Each recyclable pack contains 32 probiotic laundry sheets (up to 64 washes!).

+ Ingredients

Made with 5 strains of probiotics from the Belgian Ardennes. Our ingredients are 100% vegan.

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Thanks to smaller and lighter packaging.


100% natural ingredients for a 100% clean planet. Safe for kids, pregnant mothers, and pets. Plus, you’ll be less prone to sniffles and sneezes.


Our probiotics delve deep into your microfibers, nooks and crannies. Not just the moment you clean, but for up to 7 days.

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  • Delivered in 3-4 working days

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  • Safe and easy online payment

Lazy cleaners naturally have time to give feedback.

Already more than 20,000 lazy cleaners cleaning cleaner:


The new way to clean your clothes

For that fresher-than-fresh eco feeling.

  • Delivers an ultra-deep probiotic clean

  • No plastic waste

  • Safe for sensitive skin

Introducing laundry, made simple

One sheet is all it takes.

  • All colours

  • All clothing types

  • All temperatures

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Goed wasmiddel voor zowel wolwas als voor gewone was op 40 graden of 60 graden

Ik ben blij met het wasmiddel van Yokuu. Al vind ik dat het eerder naar aardbeiden dan lavendel ruiken. De volgende keer kies ik geurloos of fresh linnen. Een meer kruidige geur of minder zoete geur zou mijn voorkeur hebben. Het wasresultaat is echter goed. Veel beter dan met ander (ecologisch) wasmiddel.

Handig & goed voor het milieu!

Heel tevreden van de wasstrips. Neemt weinig plaats in, heel handig, goed voor het
milieu én de was ruikt heerlijk!

Conny Stuurman

Verschillende keren de wasstrips.gebruikt.. ik vind ze erg lekker ruiken, maar ruik dat niet zozeer terug in mijn was. De was wordt wel mooi schoon.

Bart Jansen
Gemakkelijk en werkt heel goed

Super makkelijk. Gewoon een blaadje in de wastrommel leggen en gaan met die bacteriën. Resultaat is heel goed. Frisse en propere was.

Fijn product

Makkelijk in gebruik. Wast tot nu toe prima schoon. Mijn zoontje en ik hebben last van eczeem dus heel fijn dat ze zonder parfum verkrijgbaar zijn.

Huh?! Probiotics for cleaning?

YOKUU’s products harness the power of billions of good bacteria.

  • Keeps cleaning for up to 7 days

  • For a healthy indoor microbiome

  • No harmful chemicals

Pssstt... Here's the answers you're looking for

Hey, I'm Joris - the founder of YOKUU!

Whilst writing my bio-engineer thesis, I discovered that 99% of bacteria are healthy... So why are we so obsessed with killing them?  

Here's a couple of our most frequently asked questions:

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+ How many sheets should I add to my wash?

For a 'standard', medium-sized laundry load of 3-6kg, one laundry strip is sufficient. If you've got a smaller load or want to do a hand wash, tear the strip in two. But for those mega-laundry days over 6kg, it's best to bring in some reinforcements and use two strips.

Want to learn more? Here's a handy video we made.

Happy washing!

+ Can I use the laundry sheets for a prewash?

If you want to do a prewash, it's best to put the laundry strips in the detergent compartment!

+ Can the sheets be used for dark laundry or delicate fabrics such as wool?

Our laundry strips are suitable for all types of laundry ✅ However, for delicate fabrics such as wool, we recommend putting the strips in the detergent compartment (where you would normally put liquid detergent). This allows the strip to dissolve before it comes into contact with your laundry. Otherwise, there is a chance that the strip will not dissolve completely and may cling to the wool fibers.

+ Are YOKUU's bacteria safe?

The bacteria in our products are 100% safe - so safe that they're technically edible (but we wouldn't recommend it). 

+ What if I'm not 100% satisfied?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. We'rethatsure you'll love our probiotic cleaners. 



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